A Payments Innovation Forum Research Report - January 2024

Our latest study of the UK payments landscape examines the intricate web of payment preferences and attitudes among UK residents. 

Within this tapestry, we find compelling themes:

  • An evolving payment landscape, especially influenced by new technology and the digital-native generation
  • A belief in the inexorable march towards a cashless society, intertwined with cash's enduring strength
  • Lingering concerns about data security
  • Limited awareness of the environmental impact of payment choices
  • The pivotal roles of age and income in shaping behaviours towards the adoption of emerging payment methods

Towards a Seamless Transition

Our ultimate goal with this report is to explore how best to pave the way for a seamless transition to our increasingly cashless society, bringing all sections of society along for the journey.

Unlocking the Future of Payments: UK Consumer Insights
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